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Multiple practice areas, with a single focus: You.

The trial attorneys of Phelan | Petty are experienced in a broad range of serious injury cases. We focus on our core practice areas, and we have specialties within each.

Automobile accidents: We represent individuals and the families of victims harmed or killed by car or motorcycle crashes. Learn more about the relief we can provide. Learn More.

Medical malpractice: We hold physicians, hospitals, and healthcare systems responsible for inappropriate medical care. Learn more about our deep experience in medical malpractice throughout Virginia and the nation. Learn More.

Tractor-trailer wrecks: We help the victims devastated by the unsafe operation of large trucks by freight-carrying companies and their drivers. We know the regulations better than the driver behind the wheel, and will hold them and their companies accountable. Learn more. Learn More.

Product liability: We pursue manufacturers of defective and unreasonably dangerous products. Product liability law is complex, and you need an attorney that understands these cases. We have chaired the Virginia Trial Lawyers AssociationProduct Liability Section and authored a chapter of the Virginia Supreme Court-approved products liability treatise.  We know how to win complicated products liability cases. Learn More.

Unsafe Drugs and Devices: We fight the pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers that sell unreasonably dangerous prescription drugs and defective medical devices which harm or kill thousands of Americans every year. Learn More.

Personal injury: There are many different ways the carelessness and wrongdoing of individuals and corporations can injure innocent people. And for those who are harmed, Phelan | Petty fights on your behalf for relief. Learn More.